God Said Kill - Hell Money LP

This is Shawn from the Concrete Wasteland here to bring you another review; and this time from Vancouver progressive groove metal monsters God Said Kill, and their solid LP Hell Money. 

Have you ever wondered what Meshuggah would sound like if they took away from their robotic like technicality, and steered more toward a Periphery inspired sound, all while keeping that driving pulse that Meshuggah is long sense known for. If you have, then God Said Kill is right down your alley. 

Percussive and groovy rhythms, dual vocals and ambience make up the gist of how this album plays out. Literally a prog nut's wet dream. Everything is smooth and tight; the mix is almost perfect on this one. This is a very riff heavy full length, with a lot of very percussive grooves synonymous with the bands that inspired them, and a lovely dual vocal dynamic thats just pleasing to my ears. The low vocals are crushing, the high vocals are piercing, the background vocals are expertly timed, and the clean vocals are beautiful. 

My only gripe with this LP is that after listening to an extended amount of time, that sometimes the songs begin to sound similar or even bleed together. Its not that big of an issue because everything flows so nicely so that at it's worst it sounds like one very well illustrated song. 

I'm rating Hell Money 9.5/10 because their sound is absolutely infectious, and you can't help but bob along to the grooves that'll end up stuck in your head for days after. 

Personal Recommendations: Hell Money, Mask of Gauges, Psalm Number Two 

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