Evil Ebenezer

Raw and real... Evil Ebenezer's chillin' style of rap/hip hop is a fresh breathe of Canadian mountain air. His catchy hooks and rhymes jab at you left and right teasing your brain with his lyrics. His musical career has given him unending, relatable lyrical content portraying the struggle of life and staying true to himself. Each track is a sneak peek into his mind, raw and honest. His album "All That's Left" throws you into a state of self reflection, acceptance of the harsh realities of the world and gives hope for tomorrow with his state of mind that stays strong. His character seems to be very relevant in our day and age, inclusive and socially adverse with his collaborations with artists like Snak the Ripper, Myka 9, Paranoid Castle, Young Sin, Merkules and more. He touches on unrealistic social norms in mainstream cultures along with specific ones in the subcultures he's been exposed to some of which may explain his somber tone. "Love Me" is a track about self loathing, letting go of the things that hold you back in life and love. One of the most powerful lyrical tracks I've heard in a long time. The depth of Evil's consciousness gives these tracks a heavy impact that make this material stand strong on it's own in the hip hop scene. "Know Me" (feat. Merkules) takes the trust in his own intentions, his self truth and determination and smacks the judgemental perspectives of society in the face. Immensely inspiring, this track of overcoming the constant barrage of doubt will definitely promote ambition in the listener. A big props to Evil Ebenezer, one of the most talented rappers out there for his flow, quality and the fact that he's using his superpowers towards a positive common ground in the hip hop scene.
J. Wesley - WAIL Music Magazine