Drug Of Choice

Drug of Choice is a five-member metal band out of Lakewood, Washington…which is South of Tacoma…which is South of Seattle...which is South of Canada. With one of the best, down to the point official bios I’ve ever seen, I have a feeling their approach to their music and life is also no nonsense and blunt. “Due to the fact that we refuse to settle for less, we've made this our calling. You'll notice through our intros, melodies, and transitions that this isn't just a group of friends with the same passion. We are five individuals brought together by music to create, to conquer, and to lead. We are Drug of Choice.” 

Don’t confuse them with Finland’s Drug of Choice, or Georgia’s rap outfit with the same name, because there is no comparison. Alex Vogel (Vocals) and his bandmates: Thomas Till and Robert Harling (Guitars), Roger Aksamit (Bass), and Patrick Vaglica (Drums) have the distinct sound that comes from the Pacific Northwest. A little grunge, a little groove, a little rock, and a lot of metal, they provide a raw, yet refined sound, a nice flow, solos with feeling, intros that are interesting, and five good looking guys, who, by virtue of coming from the Pacific Northwest, look like they come from the Pacific Northwest. 

While all of the members stand out in their own right, yet blend well to make a cohesive sound, it is Alex Vogel who stands out with his clean and dirty vocals that morph back and forth with no visible transition. His passion is audible, his intensity is impressive. 

With no EP or full-length release yet, Drug of Choice have enough material to play out live, and have been doing just that. They have shared the stage with Seattle greats, Spawn, and Portland favorites, Boudica, just to name a few. Drug of Choice are currently campaigning to play this summer’s Warped Tour. 

If this band keeps up the momentum, they will likely be a force to be reckoned with in the Pacific Northwest Metal Scene and beyond. Let’s hope 2017 finds a full-length release for Drug of Choice. 

Susan Dusse - WAIL Music Magazine

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