Dematus - Pittsburgh, PA - Rock/Metal

With a spooky, carnival aesthetic, Dematus is a freakish new age hybrid project with heavy emphasis on contrast between dark and light. Jessica, the silver-tongued vocalist and guitarist, uses her alluring, ethereal voice, haunting its way into your head with beautiful, soft melodies... until she sheds her skin and reveals her dark side with venomous, unhallowed roars! The forceful pulsations of Brian's basslines and his technical prowess of the rhythmic passages are the heart of Dematus. Well-trained and fluent on the drums, Ryan displays an effortless blend of copious techniques and impeccable timing throughout advanced tempo changes. Whether their eerie sound ambuscades you or their foreboding, ominous style entrances you, the depth and colorful complexity of the contrasting layers bombard your senses; overwhelming you in an inescapable, labyrinthine environment like you're trapped in a house of mirrors. Check out their 2018 EP "Ghost Carnivale"- Misty Ferner
Photos © Katrina Bell

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