Dead Reckoning - Columbus, GA - Metal 

Metal music is a precision mixture of crushing guitars/bass, insane drums and black tales to be told. Its roots cut deep, like knives piercing through your enemies heart. Insane guitar riffs offered up by veteran guitarist Mike “K-OS” Spriggs drive the groove right down your throat while off the chain vocals from Jeffery “JP” Pryor press the band's message firmly into your frontal cortex. The relentless bass lines from Brian “Brayne” Silverstein threaten to cut off the blood supply to your brain and is enveloped within the most badass double-kick mayhem you can ask for from drummer Ryan Lake! This is the real deal, brutal and powerful! The band will be taking their album, "Rise of the Fallen" on tour out to California this Summer! Check out and follow the band online to keep up on concert dates. The original band members were all active duty soldiers, and their band name comes from that deep history. Dead Reckoning is knowing where you're going by knowing exactly where you have been and how fast you're moving towards your goal. No better name for a band so focused on conquering the metal scene!  -  Morgan Toutant
Photos © James DeStio

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