Daniel Jasper

Australian-born Musician and Song Writer Daniel Jasper stems from Melbourne, Vic; and has blossomed into a multi-genre artist. His Diverse talent has gifted him expression within a conglomeration of Jazzy Blues, Rock and Reggae with modern day Pop music. You can hear him drawing on the influential works of Jimi Hendrix, Ed Sheeran, Eric Clapton, Nirvana, and Tash Sultana into a rather unique experience. From looping pedaled beat boxing to shredding on guitar he is surely a delight to see live. Awards and Scholarships: This 19-year-old boy first braved the stage at School Talent show several years ago. Having received much praise and encouragement from his friends and family he has now come along to win many Music Scholarships and Awards so far in his short Music Career. The Choral Scholarship (2010-2016), which he progressively earned throughout Junior High and High School shows great consistent achievement. The Hal Noyes Scholarship (2016), that stems from Hal Noyes who had created a scholarship fund for World War 1 Veterans and their descendants that is still going strong today, that Jasper had the pleasure of receiving as well. Jasper continued on to win The Doris Berwick Award (2016) for outstanding achievements in classical singing. In addition to “The Joan Arnold Encouragement (2016)” that is an Australian academic achievement award based on the aim to increase inspiration and the capacity of students to participate in tertiary education. The last yet certainly not the least: “Berklee College of Music Scholarship (2017)” which will aid Jasper in his musical career endeavors. Berklee is a college that is authored and taught by industry experts as well world renowned instructors who teach at Berklee’s main campus in Boston.  All of these awards and scholarships were awarded to him over the past 7 years, and I cannot wait to see the next seven years of achievement out of this very talented young Aussie.

A Little About his Music: His calm, captivating, centered stage presence brings out returning local support. The utilization of the loop pedal allows him to build a chord progression onto a rhythmic beat with his guitar in his original: “Living with Passion.” He starts off by creating the percussion rhythm by drumming on his guitar, shortly followed by the cord progression. The set up for his first progression combines three lower bass lines looped together on his acoustic. He lets the loop of the bass layers cycle through, so he can float with a couple measures of a unique guitar solo. Jasper then records 5 vocal tracks into a declining harmonic sequence. From this point, he begins with the first verse, rapping over the percussion and guitar chord tracks, using a consistent melody for his lyrics to be carried on. When he arrives at the passionate chorus the drumming is accompanied by the rhythmic cords blending together along with the vocal harmonies to illuminate the significance of the chorus. The summation of this composition really flows together with the feel that this this young emerging artist has created living with the captivating passion. His next major show is on Sunday February 12th in Melbourne at the Palace Hotel Camberwell with special guests. If you or your friends are in the area let them know to go out and support emerging local artists.
Review by Courtney Sparks

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