Dan Barracuda: Soliloquy - Review by Syman Bones

While listening to Dan Barracuda: Soliloquy for the first time, I was intrigued almost immediately, the first song (stinky car) is very reminiscent of a track you may find on The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper's album. You could almost picture a marching band walking a football feild lead by a laughing Mr. Barracuda. 
All the songs on this album have a 70's psychedelic sound, with trippy  echoes, catchy riffs and a playful repetition of infectious loops, all wrapped together with relatable lyrics of life's journeys and challenges. The music is timeless, with hypnotic, flawless harmonizing backed by simple, catchy guitars, militant style drums, happy horns and a plethora of string instruments that make each song strong enough to stand alone and still adding to the entirety of the album. 

Over all, I would recommend this to fans of acoustic music as it has a Happy, camp fire feel to most songs, but would also fit well as an opening act for City and Colour or John Mayer.

Buy the album here: https://danbarracuda.bandcamp.com/releases

Syman Bones - WAIL Music Magazine