Crimson Caliber "Red Dawn Rising" EP Review

Old school thrash metalheads with a vicious attitude, killer grit-filled high energy guitar riffs and an intimidating, powerful vocal style! They are an extremely satisfying throwback to the angriest of '80s thrash sounds. We got our hands on their EP "Red Dawn Rising" which starts out with the anticipation building instrumental introduction track "Combat Ritual" setting the pace for the album leading into "Dethception" which explodes into your eardums with aggression-filled triplets that will break your neck if played loud enough! (playing Crimson Caliber "loud enough" is an urban myth) Ending the track with a smash in the face we launch into the single "Noxious Breed" which is featured on WAIL's EXTREME playlist! This track is an insane high energy thrash song with the grooviest verses and guitar riffs that tease your brain making for an unforgettable experience for anyone with the pleasure of seeing Crimson Caliber at a live show. The track ends with intriguing chords ringing out creating a mysterious tone for the ending and BAM! "Rude Raw Reckless" punches you square in the face! One of WAIL's favorite badass thrash songs of all time! Metal horns waaaaay up for this catchy chanting chorus with their own style of RUDE, abrupt and insanely groovy rhythms! Lastly, "Host of your Demise" comes growling in from the gritty underbelly of concepts for this project. Can't stress enough the impeccable timing that the drums and guitars have on tracks like this as well as others on this EP giving it a fluid, tight groovy sound. The track hits a short, heavy break down with their classic Crimson Caliber style, rings out and the guitar solo bursts out of a cannon and  shoots off into the sky. The final riffs chug their way through the back of your mind with an eerie lead guitar echoing away and its over way too soon... This EP leaves you hungry wanting more... Super psyched to hear more of these guys! Keep your eye out for more Crimson Caliber from Medicine Hat, Alberta! Fill your thrash appetite with the "Red Dawn Rising" EP available at 

J. Wesley - WAIL Music Magazine

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