Boy Breaking Glass

This is Sloan Bones back on the trail to find more amazing music right in our own backyard!

The sound is very 80's esq with dark undertones, but still a powerful voice from Joe Mantell.  Their debut album Vesta which the band produced by themselves is very much a synth lullaby.  The Leviathan moves at a nice pace and is very catchy.  Alex Scott recorded the drums, Synths, keyboards and samples.The band has evolved since recording this album and added Rob Leishman on guitar and Dimitar Karabov on drums.  The band is tight with their sound and have many melodic breaks designed to reflect on life itself.  They do remind me of The National in that sort of way, being very poetic with their music style.  Joe as a singer seems to have a very nice range and I think if he uses it more often the band could be very diverse. Boy Breaking Glass is playing a show up in Whistler this weekend so look for that and as always get out there and keep listening and watching more local bands !

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Sloan Bones