Billy BOAT - New Haven, CT - Hip-Hop

Julian "Billy BOAT" Fraser is a 21-year-old college rapper based out of New Haven, CT. He's been rapping for 10 years and producing music since he was 13, but took a hiatus to focus on his education. He returned to the music scene 2 years ago in the spring of 2016.Born in Brooklyn, NY, raised in Valdosta, GA, he's no stranger to the cultural diversity and backgrounds that make up America, from poverty to the Gold Coast. He hopes to make music someone can feel, relate to and get people thinking. And, he does that by taking you into his world.

His sound comes from a place of experimentation with numerous styles, including alternative rap, anti-rap, and nerdcore. Much of his flow is reflective of the Midwest urban music scene, despite not being from there. 

 There isn't any one specific factor that keeps Billy BOAT motivated; as he says, "I'm spurred by many, such as my hunger to be recognized and the need for me to express myself." For the most part, he makes his music simply because that's the kind of music HE wants to hear. 

"I have a tendency to use my music as a public diary. I can't speak on any experiences except for my own. The content of my lyrics come from the spur of the moment during or after life hits me. That isn't to say I only talk about myself, but you won't catch me speaking on things I know nothing about."

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