ANTIHERO - Antihero II EP Review

Get in the car, we're goin for a drive MotherF@##$%RS!
This is what we need in the tunebox...right here! "Hit the Lights" is the first track we hear, and it just smashes us into the you snapped the clutch and popped 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th...holy shit... "I Zombie" takes a hard corner and smashes your face into the side glass. Leaves you a little breathless and waiting for a hard stop. "Go Like Hell" has a hard driving rhythm that makes you buckle up and kind of squeeze the seat. At this point you are committed to the ride and the turns are making your hair fly trust that the driver isn't going to pile you up into a million pieces on the interstate...

Finally ...we have "Turn Around". What? We ARE safe? Whew...we turn around and start heading back for home. ANTIHERO delivers you safely back to ground zero. As you get out of the car, you realize you just wanna climb back in and DO IT AGAIN!! This band brings it. Pushes hard and delivers some seriously tasty hooks. They have power vocals that I really dig. The guitar chops are tight and the drums and Bass tie it all together with finesse and strength. If I had to pick a highlight piece, it is their track "Hit the Lights". It just has something real going on that many artists seek. Hit them up on ReverbNation and tell me you don't agree...

Tim Silvers: Vox and Guitar Jason VanEss: Drums Louie Galarza: Bass and backing vox

Morgan Toutant - WAIL Music Magazine

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