A. Trozzo & The Electric Few

WAIL Music Magazine is stoked to shine spotlight on 
A. Trozzo & The Electric Few 
Lethbridge, AB
Genre:  Heavy / Garage / Rock & Roll

Aaron Trozzo has played  around Lethbridge for a solid twelve years. Having simultaneously played in three bands for six of those years he developed a great local following and embarked on several tours of Western Canada
A.Trozzo & The Electric Few’s “Bandate” is to breathe new life into preconceived notions of contemporary rock & roll. Years of improvised jamming with a veritable cocktail of local musicians in the Lethbridge scene have garnered incredibly flexible skill-sets for each band member. AT&EF are extremely adaptable in live situations and are adept at translating their material effectively as a four, three, or even two-piece band.
Keep your eyes peeled for winter and spring dates in BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Additionally, check 'em out when they come to a dingy bar near you in the summer months of 2017.

Bandcamp: https://atrozzoelectric.bandcamp.com/album/ep