A Gentleman's Pact

What started out as an acoustic folk trio quickly exploded into a balls to the wall punk band that brings as much energy and emotion in their performances as they do in their songs. Hailing from Beaumont, AB, A Gentleman's Pact has been on quite the journey since they went through a line up change in early 2016. They have opened for Chixdiggit!, which happens to be one of their childhood favourite bands, Fire Next Time, Old Wives and their first musical idols, Abandon All Hope. In November 2016 they entered the studio, Royal Studio located in Edmonton, AB, to record their debut full length album. Next, they will be doing a mini tour on the road to Canadian Music Week 2017 to perform there for the second time (first was in May 2016).

The band consists of Jacob Kachowski (Guitar and Secondary Vocals/Screams), Matt Koopman (Bass/Drums/Backup Vocals), Kaleb Kaiser (Guitar and Lead Vocals) and Darren Guy (Drums/Bass). Manic energy, self-deprecating humour, death of friends and drug addiction are just few topics these guys cover in their songs.