The Wyrding Way

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The Wyrding Way

Vancouver, BC

Sound: Shamanic Dark Folk Rock


Woven from the dreams of band lead Hjeron O'Sidhe, The Wyrding Way delivers a show like never you've never seen before. Complete with Circus Arts such as stilts, aerials and fire performance from various talent across the West Coast of Canada, The Wyrding Way is paving their own path in music genre and ceremonial sacred theatre, combining inspiring story telling, Psychedelic Pagan Dark Folk Rock and empowering mystical lyricism. You may have seen them headlining The Parade of Lost Souls in Vancouver, BC, or dazzling audiences at Diversity Music Festival 2018 on Texada Island, BC. Next you'll be able to see their magic translated through film, as they are in the midst of creating a Bard/ Skald Viking goth music video/ short film titled "The Weaving", based on the ancient stories of the Norns of Scandinavian mythology, and the tale of Odin's quest for wisdom. This will be the first film project by Hjeron's company, MythMaker Productions with plans to expand into a full feature film. The Wyrding Way are reaching out for support in turning their vision into fruition, and have started a crowd funding page. To support these dream weavers, you can donate on their Indie Go-Go page, which also has their album for purchase, and some magical hand made adornments created by band members as well. We at WAIL look forward to seeing their destiny unfold.

Band Members

Hjeron O'Sidhe - Vocals, Bouzouki, 7 String Guitar, Frame Drums

Rissy Luecke - Vocals, Violin, Frame Drum

Goldi Lox - Vocals, Jaw Harp, Hurdy Gurdy

Simon Lemaire - Electric 7 String, Electric Bouzouki

Andrew Grant - Drums

George Miller - Bass

Derek Usher - Cello


Check out the teaser for their album here

And a clip from their performance with MythMaker fire artists, at Diversity Music Festival 2018 here

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Article by JR McKeague (2018)



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