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Vancouver, BC

Sound: Ambient Hip Hop, Chill 

Latest EP Release: Struggling with Silence


Presently based out of Vancouver, and hailing from Montreal, WAIL Music Magazine shines spotlight on Storm.boi.

"Music as a means to travel, inwards and out" This is what has influenced Storm.boi's musical journey the most. Detail oriented, and focused on the complex ambiences that sounds can generate, Storm.boi aims to  to capture a vast range of volatile emotions in his music, and he succeeds in every track. He merges celestial soundscape instrumentals, catchy beats and memorable melodies, creating alternate worlds for listeners to explore.

Storm.boi has contributed to Francophone musician Daniel Lavoie's "Mes Longs Voyages" album Spectra Musique, as well as released some collaborative tracks with Vancouver based artist Goopsteppa, and is currently working on his next album.

 We invite you to kick back and journey through the depths of your mind with Storm.boi's first, and most recently released, Independent EP titled, Struggling with Silence. (links below)

 We at WAIL look forward to his next EP releasing Spring 2018.


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Article written in collaboration with Storm.boi & JR McKeague 2018

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  • Lucette


    J'adore! ❣️

    J'adore! ❣️

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