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Vancouver, BC

Electronic, Ambient, Celestial


GLYDE is the brainchild of Singer, Guitarist, Producer, Greg Marino, based out of Vancouver, BC.

Tranquil, delicate, and soul nourishing, GLYDE keeps each track's sound solely unique, filled with intriguing celestial instrumentals, playful drops, and sprinkled with trance inducing vocals. Inspired by the Moon, the divinity of femininity and, of course, love, GLYDE embraces the challenge of being able to create a sonic narrative for the audience to interpret themselves. Marino wishes his audience to feel free in connecting with their own divinity through his music.

 When asked about his vision for GLYDE, Marino answered, "I hope to ignite the inner spark that I feel when I create my music, in others, and to offer an authentic experience. There aren't many electronic dance music producers who play live guitar, sing and mix at the same time, so I see that as something that people may find different and interesting." 

Listen to GLYDE, and connect with your own divinity here:


Upcoming Releases: EP to release Spring 2018

Upcoming Shows: January 20, 2018 @ The Grand Hotel in Martintown, Ontario

Event page here (


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                                        Photography by: Marc Roumi


Article written by J.R McKeague (January 2018)

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