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Vancouver, BC

Sound: Gypsy, Folk, Rock

Latest Album: Strange Thing


Hailing from Vancouver, BC, dangertree describes their music style as "the sounds of the wanderer", an original fusion of Gypsy, Rock, Folk and Groove. Dangertree delivers unique soundscapes that tell tales of the human soul's journey in an eclectic, Bohemian style. With captivating lyrics by Kale Beaudry, and a wide range of impressive instrumentals that vary from track to track (Jesse Bentley on percussion and harmony and Jeff Child on bass and harmony) both albums, "dangertree EP" and "Strange Thing" are sure to spark your imagination, and inspire the depths of your mind.

Check out our favourite tracks, "The Dynamic Evolution" , "Waiting For The World To End" (dangertree EP) and "Strange Thing" (Strange Thing) 

And be sure to purchase their music on Bandcampdangertree.bandcamp.com/

Follow dangertree on Facebookwww.facebook.com/dangeroustree/



Article by J.R McKeague (June 2018)



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