The Soft Underground

WAIL Music Magazine is shining spotlight on 

The Soft Underground

New York City, USA

Sound: Grunge, Alt-Rock 

WAIL Music Magazine is stoked to present this melodic, dreamy, and diverse Grunge Rock duo, The Soft Underground, of New York City. 

With the fast paced guitar riff stylings of Charlie Hickey, and edgy, sharp drumming from Andrew McCarty, this duo is sure to have you head banging along. Reminiscint of 90’s grunge, The Soft Underground rocks the amps, and the microphone, with interesting lyrical melodies combined with high energy rhythms, keeping each track interesting with eclectic sound and a wide range of variation from track to track. With an old school rock foundation, their sound is a fusion of Jungle Electronica, Punk and Big Band Swing. Check out their track “Rachel” from their newest LP titled, Morning World, which releases July 27, 2018, on SoundCloud here: 

Also, check out their newest release titled "Ghosts" from their new LP, Morning World, which drops July 27th, 2018.

Listen to "Ghosts" here:


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Article by JR McKeague (2018)

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