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Ghost X Gardens

LP: Heartbreak Hotel Chelsea (8/18) 


Sound: Art Rock


WAIL Music Magazine is proud to present this eccentric and fascinating NYC Art Rocker, Ghost X Gardens. His latest LP titled, Heartbreak Hotel Chelsea was recorded in the historic Hotel Chelsea, known for hosting poets, artists, musicians, writers and actors, and famous for incubating some of the most fearless and ungoverned art to come out of the USA. True to the legendary reputation of Hotel Chelsea, Ghost X Garden's sound is truly distinctive, uninhibited and unconventional. Every track is filled with soul, marinated in outlandish creativity, and is a direct representation of this Art Rocker's vastly spontaneous, meticulous, composition skill set.

Approved to share from Heartbreak Hotel Chelsea (8/18) is the track, "Hittin The Bricks" which is especially unique in it's creation, as Ghost X Garden's has poetically woven audio clips from conversations with the hotel's matriarch, Storme’ DeLarverie. Storme' was an MC at The Apollo, known for her fearless activism, and credited for throwing the first punch at the 1969 Stonewall Riots, a major milestone in gay liberation and LGBTQ2 rights in America.  These audio excerpts are her last known recordings.

Listen to "Hittin The Bricks" on Soundcloud here:

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Article by JR McKeague (2018)

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