Frank Falvo

WAIL Music Magazine shines spotlight on 

Frank Falvo 

Melbourne, Australia 

Sound: Acoustic Folk Pop 

WAIL Music Magazine proudly presents, Australian based Acoustic Folk Pop artist, Frank Falvo. Following his 2009 four track EP titled "Movement in White" which focuses more on mid-tempo ballads, Falvo is now showcasing a more evolved, pop-rock sound in his newest Album titled "Heart So True". With upbeat tempos, and energetic guitar accompaniment, Falvo shows of his dynamic vocal range and unique lyric writing abilities in each track of this new album. "Heart So True" is reminiscent of Classic Pop Rock from the 70's, and Falvo's laid-back and cheerful flavor is paired with brass and violins, making each track truly unique from the next.  

You can listen to Frank Falvo's catchy new single titled "This Is a Lie" here: 

Listen & Buy his latest Album release titled "Heart So True" on iTunes & Bandcamp: 

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Article by JR McKeague (2018)

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