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Ajay Mathur


Sound: Rock


Ajay Mathur delivers sounds of resilience in his latest release titled, "Little Boat". Showcasing his unique vocal range, he draws inspiration for his lyrics from his own personal life experiences and hardships, and sends the message of strength and overcoming adversity. With a unique range of tone varying from track to track, Mathur's message is told comically in songs like "Forget About Yesterday" and also cathartically, in rock ballads such as "Ordinary Memory". The themes vary from track to track, addressing emotions of hope, strength and nostalgia. Ajay Mathur continues to grow a worldwide fan base, and is receiving acknowledgments internationally for his lyric writing ability, maintaining a continuous 128-week ranking on the European Indie Music chart. 

Be sure to check out his Social Media links below

Official Website: www.ajaymathur.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AjayMathurMusic/

Bandcamp: ajaymathur.bandcamp.com/


Music Videos 
Forget About Yesterday: youtu.be/pVY1QSM3CWE 
Here's the Love: youtu.be/oX6Mwp57b3M 
Nothing Really Matters: youtu.be/vAMkQNsZ8hQ

Article by J.R McKeague (June 2018)

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