Neorhythm - Rovaniemi, FIN - Groove Metal, Mathcore 

Who exactly these mysterious beings are is unknown, as are the origins of the project. One thing for sure is these otherworldly transmissions will satisfy all of your deepest and darkest metal cravings. With an intriguing groovy feel, the band ravages the listener with more brutality than most pitiful humans' ears have the capacity for. The vocals in Neorhythm are terrifyingly vicious, bestial, and rhythmic with a merciless deliverance. The lyrics seem to be written from the perspective of an extraterrestrial observing the revolting behavioral patterns of earthly beings from outer space. The guitar work is dark and technical with an extremely low, heavily distorted, drop-tuned feel. Intense, diminished riffs blast out with dissonant accents and nefarious melodies that manifest a monstrous and diabolical atmosphere. The drumming in the songs is filled with blasting double-kicks over top of groovy tribal beats. Neorhythm's debut full-length LP 'Zetetic' was released June 2018, followed shortly after with their five-track EP 'Meteoric Thoughts' released November 2018 which included three originals and two cover tracks. This formidable sound is one metal fans will definitely want to hear! - J. Wesley
Photo © Kirill Tcipilev

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