Drenched In Fear - Wausau, WI    Death Metal 

Drenched in Fear is an ear-ripping, death-stomping, extreme metal band; laying waste to crowds and breaking necks with some diabolically furious heavy sounds. Jay Neuens spawns this gut-wrenching growl of gargantuan proportions. He consistently unleashes a roar that makes your hair stand on end. Throwing down pure rage and brutality with his own vicious, blood-spitting beastly style. Tyler Ohly, undeviating in a perpetually creeping rhythm, smashes sluggish drum beats with groovy, fast-footed double-kicks. Guitarists, Elijah Weyneth and Joshua Dobizl, execute unceasing groovy, brutal riffs with well-placed slithery bends and breakdowns amidst nerve-scraping chaotic dissonant notes for a dark, graven sound. Logan Nelson brings the brutality rippin' the groovy, mammoth basslines in what I'm assuming is a drop Z tuning. Their five track debut EP 'In Hate', released January 2019, will tear your face off while you headbang to their lethal sound. Check out "Bloody Mary" off of their new EP and make sure to subscribe for new releases. - J. Wesley
Photo © David Rubene

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