AndEver - San Diego, CA - Alt Metal 

Incorporating beautiful melodies with stirring epic metal aesthetics, AndEver is a majestic two-piece project filled with somber yet uplifting sentiments. Originally brought to fruition with an acoustic dynamic, the duo began writing a string of ballads; infusing angelic, powerful vocal melodies with a guitar sound. Lindsay Almos graces the project with her beautiful vocal melodies and enriches the sound on the keyboard; creating a magnificent and symphonious sound. Guitarist, Steve Almos brings ferocious riffs, passionate guitar solos and epic melodies for a compelling and mighty heavy metal atmosphere. AndEver has a majestic, highly unique sound and brings a powerful message intended to mend a broken world. Check out their debut full-length album 'Pathways' as well as their most recent release, a five track EP entitled 'Reconstruct' featuring the single "Traumatized". - J. Wesley

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