This application is for eligibility to be a featured WAIL artist. Approved artists can take advantage of our incredibly affordable Publicity Services and are eligible for our Free Promo Opportunities for the struggling artist looking for a new audience to expose their music to. In addition to sponsoring as many bands as we can in our free time, we love to help out hard-working artists with cross-promotion. We are friendly, supportive musicians who would love to share your tunes with the world on our high traffic social media so send us as much content as you can!

Please note: Due to the high volume of artist applications we receive, please allow us time to review your application and get in contact. We only promote original music so please no cover/tribute bands. 

WAIL Music Photo Copyright Release Once approved, get any photographers who's work you're wanting us to use to fill this form out and email it to wailmusicmag (at) gmail (dot) com 130 KB


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